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This brochure was created for the Medical Communication component of a course in Plain Language in Government, Medical, and Business Writing. The task was to rewrite and redesign a non-profit organization’s brochure using plain language strategies. This recently-updated version of the brochure was created in Canva.

My rewrite and redesign is the top image, and the original brochure is on the bottom. 

Instructor comments and rubric:

Blog Articles for Non-Profit Organization

These are excerpts of blog articles written for a website I created for an existing non-profit organization. The article was produced for a college course in Plain Language in Government, Medical, and Business Writing.


Prison Rape and The Law


How Common is Prison Rape?

The sexual abuse and rape of incarcerated individuals is an unfortunate reality in detention centers across the nation. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, almost ten percent of prisoners are sexually abused while detained in local jails, state prisons, or community treatment facilities (Bureau of Justice Statistics 5). The United States Congress estimates that thirteen percent of inmates held in U.S. detention centers have been raped and that more than one million inmates were victimized over the past twenty years (Sigler 570).


What is Rape?

Rape is defined as any non-consensual sexual act, such as contact between the mouth and genitals or anus of another individual or the penetration of the mouth, anus, or vagina by another’s fingers, penis, or an object. Non-penetrative sexual acts are considered sexual abuse.


Who is Raped?

Many believe that sexual abuse that takes place in detention centers is limited to a male staff member and a female victim. However, there have been many instances of female staff abusing both male and female inmates. Male staff also abuse male inmates.


What Does the Law Say?

In recent years, consensual acts between inmates and staff have been criminalized. The law recognizes that so-called consensual sexual relationships between these parties are questionable because of the unequal balance of power. The inmate may consent to sex because the staff member has made threats, or the inmate may fear retaliation for rejecting the staff member’s sexual advances.

Within the past decade, we have seen increased awareness around inmate sexual abuse and prevention. One of the most important pieces of legislation passed in recent years is the Prison Rape Elimination Act Of 2003. Our organization and our allies played a key role in lobbying for the passage of this law.


What is the Prison Rape Elimination Act?

The Prison Elimination Act of 2003, or PRE-A, is a federal law that addresses sexual abuse of the incarcerated. It enforces a zero-tolerance policy of inmate sexual abuse. The act also calls for increased accessibility of prison rape data so that staff and administrators can take the necessary steps to end assault in their detention centers. The act also holds administrators accountable for any incidents of sexual violence.


The After-effects of Rape


Rape can have devastating emotional and physical consequences. A rape that happens during your incarceration poses a unique set of challenges. You are more likely to feel alone and isolated. There may not be anyone who you feel comfortable talking to, or you might be afraid to report the assault because you fear that your attacker may retaliate. You might feel overwhelmed by your emotions. It is important to know that whatever you may be feeling is normal. We realize that you may be reluctant to speak up, but we strongly encourage you to seek emotional support from a trusted friend or professional.


Physical Effects

Rape can have many physical effects. You may experience bruising, soreness, and vaginal or anal bleeding. You should see a doctor to test for pregnancy if applicable, as well as sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and Hepatitis C. A medical professional can also detect broken, fractured, or dislocated bones and internal damage to your reproductive organs or rectum.


Emotional Effects

It is normal to feel angry, depressed, anxious, or even suicidal. Rape victims may find it difficult to trust others and are often afraid of repeated attacks. It is also common for survivors to blame themselves. Remember, you should not blame yourself for the attack.  Rape is an abuse of power that you could not have prevented. This is especially true of rape that occurs in a prison or jail setting, where other inmates or staff may use physical or sexual violence to show dominance.

It is also common to not feel any emotions at all. You may feel numb from shock as you process what has happened. These emotions may affect your eating and sleeping habits. For example, you may eat more than you usually do as a way to comfort yourself, or you may lose your appetite. You might experience nightmares or find it hard to get a good night’s sleep.


Get Help

Please know that healing is possible. Again, we strongly encourage you to seek counseling. There are rape crisis centers in some counties that provide crisis intervention and emotional support by phone, email, or postal mail. Please contact us if you need help locating resources in the free world.


Content/Affilliate Marketing Blog Articles (Health and Beauty Niche)

Excerpt 1


It’s almost impossible to scroll through my Facebook timeline or surf the web without seeing countless ads for new and “innovative” anti-aging skin care products promising near-magical results. The ads seek to draw you in with pictures of young, radiant models with flawless skin who are not the target demographic for the product.  

Many of us won’t be swayed, especially when there’s a lack of un-retouched before and after pics to support the claims, but even those of us who are proud skep

tics might be tempted to fill up our online shopping carts after eyeing an impressive ingredient list which includes exotic organic oils, plant extracts, and potent antioxidants like Vitamin C.  

Before we break out our debit and credit cards, we need to do a bit of research first. We should know about the quality of the ingredients, their concentration levels, and whether they’re effective and “play nice” with the other ingredients they’ve been coupled with. 

Vitamin C for Anti-aging

This post’s focus is Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that prevents and repairs changes in the skin caused by chronological and photo-aging. Photo-aging is skin damage caused by chronic sunlight exposure (UVA and UVB rays). Antioxidants work their magic by donating their electrons to free radicals, essentially neutralizing them and reducing their damage.

There are many Vitamin C derivatives, but L-ascorbic acid, the chemically active form of Vitamin C, is the most researched and has the most data supporting its usefulness.  While most of us get enough Vitamin C through diet and supplementation, L-ascorbic acid has limited absorption in the gut. This means that it’s difficult to achieve optimal levels in our bloodstream, and we’ll rarely, if ever, see improvements in our skin from diet alone. 

Even if we try to compensate by taking Vitamin C in larger doses, the absorption rate falls to less than 50%. The rest is excreted in our urine, leaving only a small percentage that our bodies can absorb. The good news is topical formulations allow us to reap the benefits of this beneficial antioxidant –  but this is just one piece of the puzzle.

Excerpt 2


This blog post is the first in a series of reviews of Vitamin C serums. I’ll profile three of the best mid-priced serums for anti-aging as rated by customers and dermatologists. I’m currently looking for new and effective skin care products to add to my arsenal ASAP, and I will be ordering one or more of these to test and review.

I have to admit that I was almost overwhelmed by both the multitude of serums that I found in my search and how many ranked on several “top-rated” lists. To keep this endeavor a bit more manageable, I did not include Amazon lists. While I love Amazon and my Prime subscription, there were too many products by unknown brands with questionable reviews.

On the bright side, I felt more equipped to sift through product descriptions and ingredient lists with the knowledge I’d gained from researching Vitamin C for my last blog post. 

Keep in mind, this isn’t in any particular order.  So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

Kiehl’s markets this product as a “potent Vitamin C serum formulated with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.” With 12.5% Vitamin C, it ticks off the checkbox of having the recommend 10-20% concentration of Vitamin C. It also includes hyaluronic acid, which adds hydration that L-ascorbic acid doesn’t provide on its own. 

This formulation also includes another helpful Vitamin C derivative, Vitamin Cg. Known as Ascorbyl Glucoside, Vitamin Cg has been shown to brighten the skin, and clinical trials confirm that it’s especially effective with high-frequency ultrasound, according to the National Library of Medicine. 


Business and Technical Writing (Manual)

This document is an excerpt from a how-to manual that I created on the job to instruct trainees on how to approve a new claim.

(Note: The screenshots are blurry because they are from a screencast. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to this system to create new screenshots). 

Business and Technical Writing (Guide)

This document is a re-write of a how-to guide that shows case managers how to use a new SMS tool to update employees about their case. 

(Note: The screenshots are blurry because they were captured from the original document. I was also limited to using the screenshots that the original document creator used. Unfortunately, I do not have access to this system to create new screenshots). 


Business and Technical Writing (Webpage)

 The task was to rewrite and redesign an existing webpage about pet licensing using plain language and web writing strategies. The top images are the rewritten and redesigned pages, and the bottom images are the original pages. 


Business and Technical Writing (Persona)

This document was written for an assignment completed on Technical Writer HQ.com. The assignment was to research and identify a user persona for a product of your choosing. 


Business and Technical Writing (Warranty)

This document was written for the Business Communication component of a course in Plain Language in Government, Medical, and Business Writing. The task was to rewrite an existing warranty that adhered to basic federal plain language guidelines. 


Product Warranty


Limited Warranty


In this warranty, “you” is the owner or purchaser, and “we” or “us” is Polyglass Inc.


What does the Warranty Cover?

We guarantee that the Polyglass membrane has no manufacturing defects. If the membrane is not watertight, it is defective.


What is the coverage period?

This warranty is in effect for 5 years from the date of the Polyglass membrane’s original installation.

Who does the warranty cover?

This warranty covers the original purchaser of the Polyglass membrane. 

Can I transfer the warranty to someone else?

If you are the original owner, you may transfer the warranty to one person. You must do the following to transfer the warranty:

  1. You must notify us in writing of the new owner’s name and address.
  2. You must pay a $500.00 transfer fee.
  3. You must pay any out-of-pocket costs for travel, lodging, and meals that are necessary for us to inspect your roof.
  • We will notify you within thirty (30) days if the transfer is approved.

What will we do to fix problems?

If we find that the Polyglass membrane is defective, we have the option to repair or replace the defective materials. We will pay for all labor costs of the repair or replacement. We will not pay the labor costs for installing flashings, metal work, or other materials that we do not supply. If you choose to repair or replace these materials to fix leakage, you may ask us to reimburse you.

We are only responsible for repairing or replacing defective material that is directly related to leakage. 

What does this warranty not cover?

Natural Disasters

We do not cover damage caused by natural disasters. This includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Lightning
    2. Hail
    3. Floods
    4. Strong winds exceeding 9 on the Beaufort Scale
    5. Hurricanes, tornadoes, or wind-launched debris
    6. Earthquakes, similar “acts of god,” or natural causes


We do not cover damage from intentional or negligent acts, fire, vandalism, or other misuse.

Unauthorized Materials

We do not cover damage from using materials that we do not supply. This includes leaks that result from using metal work or other materials in the roofing system that we did not supply.

Violating the Warranty

We do not cover damage resulting from your, or your tenant’s, failure to follow our Roof Maintenance Warranty Guidelines. You may view them at www.polyglass.us.

You will void the warranty if you do not follow our latest instructions and recommendations for installing your Polyglass membrane.

Structural Failure

We do not cover damage caused by structural failure. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Settling or shifting of the building
  2. Movement, cracking, or bending of the roof deck, substrate, or insulation
  3. Poor building design or construction
  4. Poor attic ventilation


We do not cover damage caused by:

  1. Any chemical condition that you don’t tell us about
  2. Trafficking or storing chemicals
  3. Condensation or moisture penetration in, through, or around
    1. Coping
    2. Walls
    3. The building structure of underlying or surrounding areas


We do not cover damage caused by:

  1. alterations or repairs made on or through the roof
  2. putting objects on the roof without our written permission. These objects include, but are not limited to:
    1. Machines
    2. Structures
    3. Fixtures
    4. Utilities

Poor Workmanship

If we determine that the original installation was poorly done, we will not cover the work. 

Inadequate Drainage

We do not cover damage caused by your failure to use positive, proper, or adequate drainage.


Granule Loss

We do not cover damage resulting from partial or total granule loss or loss of other surfacing.


Property Damage or Bodily Injury

We do not cover damage or injury resulting from:

a. the actual or alleged release of:

    1. Pollutants
    2. Waste
    3. Environmental or airborne contaminants

b. Testing or sampling the membrane

c. Design and consulting errors or omission

Additional Exclusions

You also agree that we are not responsible for:

  1. Bodily injury or damage to a building or its contents that directly or indirectly arise from roof material defects.
  2. Any consequential or incidental damages.
  3. Attorney’s fees.
  4. The cost of removing the existing roofing covering or system installed to the Polyglass material.
  5. The cost of labor to repair or replace the defective material installed to the Polyglass material.


How do I file a claim?

We are not obligated under this warranty unless you do the following:

  1. You must provide a copy of the warranty and a description of the damage.
  2. You must send your claim by certified or registered mail to: Polyglass, U.S.A., Inc., 1111 W. Newport Center Drive, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442, ATTN: Warranty Department.
  3. We must receive your claim within ten (10) days after you find the defect.


What are our rights?

We have the right to request roof samples, which we will analyze at our facilities. We will determine the source of leakage, damage, or alleged defect to the roof in good faith. Our decision is binding.

If we do not enforce any of the warranty’s terms and conditions, you must not interpret this as a waiver of the provisions. We have the right to end or change any of our products, and we are not liable to you if we make these changes.


What are my responsibilities?

During the warranty term, you must provide us, our agents, and employees safe and reasonable roof access during regular business hours. You are responsible for all costs related to providing the samples and providing access to investigate the claim. 

If you do not comply with these Claims Procedures, you will void the warranty.

Are there state exceptions?

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. As a result, the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Additionally, you may have other rights which vary by state.


Are there additional warranties which are not stated here?

Our agents have no authority to give warranties beyond those provided in this warranty.

No representation, promise, affirmation, or statement by any employee or agent will be enforceable against us unless it is specially included in this warranty.


Are there additional exclusions?

We will not pay or be liable under any circumstances for:

  • incidental damages
  • consequential damages
  • special damages
  • exemplary damages
  • lost profits, or
  • business interruption loss.

This is your entire express warranty for the products or system of products you have purchased. To the extent permitted by law, all other express or implied warranties, such as the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are excluded.

Any implied warranties that are automatically granted by law are limited in duration to the term of this warranty. No implied warranty can be modified by any course of dealing (past conduct in a prior transaction between you and us), course of performance (systematic and uniform conduct in which you and Polyglass engage after entering into a contract), or usage of trade (a practice or method of dealing that is so common in a place, vocation, or trade that it comes to be expected). 

All rights and duties arising under this warranty shall be governed by Florida law.

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